Oil Free D-Series Compressors

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We are Wholesaler, Trader, Supplier, Services Provider of Oil Free D Series Compressors, Oil Free Compressors and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

D-Series Air purity that meets the most stringent hygienic standards

Outstanding reliability for demanding applications

CompAir has launched a completely new range of high efficiency, oil-free two-stage screw compressors to further enhance its successful and award winning D-Series. With the addition of ten new models, the D-Series now covers a wide flow range from 8.9 to 51.8 m3/min. The new models (from 160 to 315kW), which also utilise a CompAir designed and manufactured two-stage airend, offer oil-free and silicone-free air, in accordance with ISO 8573-1 Class 0.

The sophisticated Delcos XL controller protects your investment by continuously monitoring operational parameters. CompAir's own designed and manufactured airend works at constant low temperature levels and lowers the compressor’s lifecycle costs.

With easy servicing and full Assure warranty cover, operators eliminate all possible risks to their business.

Oil Free d Series
Oil Free D-Series

❒ Premium efficiency two stage airend design

❒ High quality IE3 or IE4 electric motor

❒ Efficient motor cooling

❒ High ambient temperatures of up to 45°C

❒ Delcos XL touch screen controller with enhanced monitoring

❒ Unique closed cooling water circuit for airend cooling

❒ Water cooled models available

❒ Two high efficiency radial cooling fans in accordance with ErP Efficiency Legislation 2015

Oil Free D-series 2

The high output, two stage airend design provides 100% oil-free and near isothermal compression with high reliability thanks to constant low temperatures, allowing use in demanding applications in up to 45°C ambient temperatures.

Guaranteed efficiency is provided by the excellent IE3 electric motor, along with legal conformity, high reliability and operational safety - great benefits in addition to automated motor lubrication.

The compressors utilise two efficient radial fans in accordance with ErP Efficiency Legislation 2015, offering low noise levels, low pressure loss and excellent cooling performance. The closed water circuit for airend cooling achieves a constant low temperature level, also meaning that less gearboxes are required.

Oil Free D-Series

Delcos XL touch-screen controller

The multilingual Delcos XL control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing cost of ownership.

❒ Precise monitoring for exceptional operational reliability

Ambient pressure and temperature

Inlet and outlet pressure and temperature at both stages

Network pressure and temperature

Oil / water pressure and temperature

Oil / water level

… and many more

❒ High resolution, easy-to-use touch-screen panel

❒ User-friendly clear menu structure

❒ Integrated SD card for in-depth analysis of monitored machine parameters

❒ Optional base load sequencing

❒ Trend diagrams for

Network pressure

Motor speed (regulated speed models)

On load hours / total running hours and average volume flow

Weekly average volume flow

Oil Free D-Series 5

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