L30 - L45, E, RS Compressors

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We are Wholesaler, Trader, Supplier, Services Provider of L30 - L45, E, RS Compressors, Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

L30 - L45, E, RS Compressors

The new L-Series from CompAir

Well known in the industry for quality and reliability, CompAir continuously develops the L-Series achieving cutting edge performance and efficiency.

The new versatile range from 30 to 45 kW can be configured to meet the customers' efficiency requirements. The E-models feature a larger airend delivering highest efficiency levels. The regulated speed models save energy by matching the output to the plant air demand. All fixed speed models are available with integrated dryer option.

L30 - L45, E RS
L30 - L45, E, RS

An investment that pays off

The E-Models of the L-Series feature an extra large airend with optimised rotor tip speed achieving up to 6% energy savings.


The largest cost component of a compressor is the energy to run it. The reduction of energy costs significantly impacts on the total costs of ownership.

The additional investment costs for this range of super efficient compressors will pay back in many cases in less than 12 months. The extra large airend also has a longer life expectancy.


Regulated speed compressors

The regulated speed models can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. The annual cost of ownership can be significantly reduced using regulated speed technology.

CompAir RS features are your benefits.

The L-RS Series products are designed to obtain the greatest efficiency across the entire operating range.

Wide regulation range

No cycles means substantial energy savings.

Perfect motor - drive - airend design

High efficiency across broad flow range.

Exceptional reliability and performance

Large surface after cooler

Optimum cooling to ensure low operating and discharge temperatures.

Next generation separator filter

Amply dimensioned filtration for constant performance throughout the lifetime delivering an oil carryover of less than 3ppm.

High efficiency electric motor

The compressors are equipped with an energy saving IE4 electric motor as standard.

Thermostatically controlled motor driven fan

Highly efficient and extremely quiet fan allows compressor operation in the work place, plus the use of maximum duct length without further assistance.

Highest quality connections

Solid hoses and pipe connections with viton victaulic couplings increase reliability and are easy to maintain.

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