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We are Wholesaler, Trader, Supplier, Services Provider of L-Series Compressors, L02 Compressors, L05 Compressors and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

L02 - L05

A series of technologically advanced compressors based on in-depth research and development process. The result is a low-noise compressor, environmentally friendly thanks to a reduced current consumption and the use of easily recyclable materials.

To meet the requirements of the individual customer demands the range of compressors can be combined with numerous options to provide everything from a stand alone compressor, receiver mounted or complete Airstation including refrigerant dryer.

L02 - L05
L02 - L05

❒ User-friendly design

❒ Easy installation

❒ Low noise levels (L02 and L03 only 61 dB(A))

❒ Available as stand alone, receiver mounted and Airstation (receiver and dryer) version

❒ Energy saving stop/start control ensures that the compressor only runs when there is a demand for air

❒ Star-Delta or DOL starting for maximum flexibility

❒ Easy maintenance


Designed with the minimum number of moving parts, these compressors are reliable, robust and capable of continuous running for numerous applications. They are easy to use, easy to install and fully ready for plug and play. With fully removable side panels the compressor is quick and easy to maintain and service, minimising downtime and maximising reliability.


Easy to use Controller

The optional AirBasic2 controller provides the user with useful information about total running hours, operational temperature and service information such as:

❒ Air filter change

❒ Oil filter change

❒ Separator change

❒ Oil change

❒ Regular maintenance advice The pressure setting can be easily adjusted via the controller.


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